Full membership of the Nuclear AMRC is open to companies currently operating in, or serious about joining, the civil nuclear supply chain.

Membership of the Nuclear AMRC is open to any company which works in a complementary area or which wishes to participate in the support of our research and business development programmes. Our current members range from reactor providers and top-tier suppliers to SMEs offering specialist equipment and services.

Member companies benefit from:

  • Access to world-class R&D capabilities.
  • Participation in generic R&D programmes, with shared costs and risks.
  • Ability to help set our research agenda.
  • Access to training and quality programmes.
  • Networking opportunities with companies along the nuclear supply chain.
  • Industry recognition through association with a world-class centre of excellence.

The Nuclear AMRC has a two-tier membership structure for full fee-paying members. The appropriate tier depends on the size of your company and its position in the supply chain. Your fee is split between a contribution towards our shared resources, including generic research projects of shared interest; and a commitment to directed research into areas of specific interest to your business.

Tier One:

  • Industry leaders – primes and top-tier suppliers.
  • Seat on the Nuclear AMRC board.
  • Determine strategy and research direction.
  • Access to R&D capabilities and generic project results.
  • Annual fee of £200,000, cash or in kind.

Tier Two:

  • Supply chain and smaller companies.
  • Board representation – one seat for all Tier 2 companies.
  • Access to R&D capabilities and generic project results.
  • Networking and supply chain development.
  • Annual fee of £30,000, cash or in kind.

A membership application is usually submitted following discussions with the Nuclear AMRC business development managers and directors, to make sure that membership is right for your business.

For an informal discussion about membership, contact Ross Barrable, strategic relationship manager.

Please note that you don’t have to be a member to take advantage of our other services and capabilities.